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Spiti Valley Camp Retreat in Spiti

Spiti Valley Camp Retreat

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Spiti Valley Camp Retreat in Spiti

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The only audible sounds breaking through the cold ice of this serene valley are those of the river water crashing against the rocks, the howling of the wind and the twitter of an occasional bird. The valley slammed its borders shut when the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1950. Thus it remained untouched, preserving its Tibetan culture in a state of anachronism protected by its political allegiance to India. The once-forbidden lands of Spiti and next door Kinnaur have now begun tentatively to open their doors to the adventurous and the inquisitive. 'At last they entered a world within a world - a valley of leagues where the high hills were fashioned of a mere rubble and refuse from off the knees of the mountains...&quot,Surely the gods live here,&quot, said Kim, beaten down by the silence and the appalling sweep and dispersal of the cloud-shadows after rain. &quot,This place is no place for man.&quot, ' When Kim and the lama reached the Tibetan border on their pilgrimage to the lama's homeland, Rudyard Kipling described what they saw with these words. His description of this high-altitude cleft through the Himalayas on the Indo/Tibetan border does not need to be updated. The serene Spiti Valley Camp Retreat caters to the discerning traveler towards this region with 15 comfortable trekking tents in a picturesque locale near the hub of Kaza from where all excursions, treks &amp, jeep safaris in the region can be organized as day return trips.It comprises of hygienic toilet tents &amp, bathroom tents with hot water &amp, a fully equipped kitchen tent which serves Indian, Chinese &amp, Continental delicacies.


located near the hub of kaza the capital of spiti valley


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