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Rawla Camp Retreat in Jaisalmer

Rawla Camp Retreat

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Rawla Camp Retreat in Jaisalmer

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Every time you step onto the endless expanse of the sun-kissed, gilded sands of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, your senses are ensconced in the calming tranquillity and stillness of the place. For a moment you are suspended in a trance-like state of timelessness. Then as the wind blows away the golden layers of sand, the desert unfolds from its womb the regal era of the Rajput monarchs who once walked the land and history comes alive all over again..

It is a toast to the erstwhile Maharajas and you are treated to one with a panache that leaves you overwhelmed . Just as the Royalty camped in tents (khemas) away from the palaces, the resort spins a similar ambience with its modern swiss cottage tents right in the midst of the desert. Just as the Royalty traversed stretches of desert on camels, the evenings see you astride colorfully caparisoned camels led by ethnically dressed butlers as you begin your sojourn of miles of shimmering sand dunes into the sunset. Lounging on the dunes, one can only gaze in breathless wonderment as the sun begins to go down and casts an ember halo over the desert horizon.

And as the evening sets in, sit around a bonfire with a “ chota peg ” relishing the mouth watering bar-be-cue delights whilst watching the folk performers singing &amp, dancing to tunes of the colorful bygone era. Camel safari’s, jeep safari’s, bonfire, bar-be-cue, sit down dinners in the midst of sand dunes, traditional folk dances, gala evenings, theme dinners on Arabian nights pattern with elaborate costumes, night stroll into the barren desert with a treasure hunt &amp, DJ music gala evenings are a few specials at the Camp Rawla Retreat.

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In high season we will require 50% of the booking total in advance to guarantee your booking.


The Resort Rawla is located 32 km west of Jaisalmer enroute Jaisalmer – Sam Sand Dunes Road. Its exactly 2 Km. south of the main road in village kanoi.


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