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Holiday rental, Hans Place in Savusavu

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Holiday rental, Hans Place in Savusavu

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Explorers, adventures, slave traders, tribal wars, indentured labour, missionaries and merchants, All played part in forming what is known today as the Northern Group of the Fiji Islands.

Situated northeast of the main island Viti Levu it consists of Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Rambi, Qamea, Laucala, Matagi and Kioa.

These Islands are remarkable through their fascinating history, geographical formations, climatic conditions, flora and fauna that’s both magnificent and plentiful.

They offer the tourist a combination of experiences and sights compacted into a concise area that would be hard to match anywhere in the world, a true Paradise in the South Seas, that offers a great variety of holiday making.

The best place to use as a base or start your adventures through the North is at Savusavu, a small coastal Town on Vanua Levu with all the amenities a modern traveller would expect. The Town is beautifully located at the south-east end of Savusavu Bay and offers spectacular views. The Bay itself is one of the most magnificent and protected “fine sheet of deep water” in the South Pacific. Being 18 km long and 9 km wide it is framed on one side by impressive and mountainous rain forest and on the other by the Savusavu peninsula. A protective and extensive reef leaves just one opening for vessels to pass in and out.

Savusavu has its own culture and history that makes it different from other places in Fiji.

It is well known for its friendliness and local appeal. It has been founded in the early colonial days and developed through trade by sandalwood, beche-de-mer and copra.

Today Savusavu is Port of Entry for the yacht scene and a small safe haven during the cyclone season. Along with its beaches, reefs and corals, this place will encourage you to stroll, swim, snorkel, dive, bike, kayak and sail.

Hiking through rainforests to splendid and refreshing waterfalls, village tours or local bus journeys – here you can take in the real Fijian scene with all its magic and dreams!

As the most active geothermal area in the South Pacific, Savusavu is peppered with hot springs. Some, occurring just off shore, give rise to hot spots in the Ocean. The most famous place is where the bubbling holes providing enough energy to cook food. Locals living around this area of town still utilize them on a regular basis as in bygone days.

Savusavu on Vanua Levu is most suitable for the adventurous traveller, because it does not only invite you to explore, but to lighten up and settle down as well. You’ll find that this small coastal Township will grow on you and let you sense that you are experiencing something quite different and isn’t that part of travelling too.

We invite you to enjoy your vacation in our self contained Holiday Cottages surrounded by lush tropical Gardens and great views over Savusavu Bay.


We are situated on the Savusavu Pen-Insula app.3 km out of SSV-Town.
The area is known as &quot,Korovesi&quot, along Lesiacevia Point Road.


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