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Olympia Treehouse in Antalya

Cirali Koyu, Kemer

website Olympia Treehouse in Antalya http://de.hostelbookers.com/hostels/tuerkei/antalya/5083/
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Olympia Treehouse in Antalya

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If you like to be close to nature and sleeping in the natural clean air this place is for you.Our treehouses are near the beach among the orange trees. In spring the beautiful scent of orange bloom wafts into the tree house. Cirali is rich in plant species. You might see wild orchid, daisy, bay-tree, cyclamen, meadow saffron and thyme. Cirali meets you its beautiful trees , flowers and plants. This beauty is created by the harmony of color and scent.

It is not necessary to be bird or Leopard to get pleasure sleeping in tree house. Jack London says ""we had lived on trees before in prehistoric times. The sensation of falling down from from height ,when we are passing to the deep stage of dream, may be related to our genetic background.""


Cirali is 70 kilometers west of Antalya. You may take the bus on the route of Antalya-Kas. After passing Kemer,approximately 26 kilometers, there is a turn on the left side pointing Cirali_Chimera. Cirali is 7 kilometers away from this turn. There is cab or Dolmush (small public transportation bus) here . Cab is there most of the day.Dolmush is running at 9 and 11 am at 6 p.m. and Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean in Turkey.


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