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HavaSu Village in Antalya

Arpabeleni Mevkii, Mavikent

website HavaSu Village in Antalya http://de.hostelbookers.com/hostels/tuerkei/antalya/30694/?affiliate=rastlos
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HavaSu Village in Antalya

zuletzt aktualisiert am 05.01.2010

Do you see any stars shinning on you over there?? If you are into astronomy, you will be leaving this place with complete satisfaction after you see the sky here with billions of stars shinning like little diamonds on it. And you'll thank yourself that you've chosen to get away from the pollution in the city and you’ll enjoy the stars once more.

And maybe it'll be frightening to see all this since you'll never be able think that it is somehow possible to be alone in this universe... If you like, we'll be teaching you the names and the positions of the sky objects. So that you won't get confused when you see a huge round light, and know that it's Mars, not a helicopter :) (That happened to me the first time I noticed Mars) Do you have birds, trees or squirrels around your home?? If you are coming from a big city, the first two days are the settling period! Why so? Since we know that your ears are longing to hear the sound of the silence, and your eyes are begging not to see all those useless details that you see each and every day in the city. All because of these your brain needs at least two days to get used to these perfect conditions. This place is the best to refresh your senses. This is for the guests that are going to stay for a week or more. Have a nice holiday...

In total: 12 private rooms. Two of them Top tree and 10 rooms in ground. Each room: for two peoples with double bed or twin beds. Some rooms have no wc and bathroom, have only bed, 1 clothespress and 1 commode. All timber private bungalows. Accommodation type: HB


Communication: highway: Turn left to Mavikent at Kumluca entrance after going 90km from Antalya to Mugla direction. Ride 10km till you are at Mavikent. Then go on about 3.5km to Adrasan(Cavuskoy) direction and you are here! Another way to come here is to turn left to Adrasan (Cavuskoy) 65 km later on the same road. This road is tricky but the nature on each side is fascinating... Following this road you'll be reaching Adrasan (Cavuskoy) after 15km and be at HavaSu after 10km from that point (Adrasan). Air way: You can take the service coach from Antalya airport to the bus terminal at the center of the city. Then take the bus to Kumluca, and get on the Mavikent bus from there. We'll pick you up from Mavikent if you call us. If you afford the cost, we'll pick you up from the airport.

For GPS users: 36.17 27.00 N, 30.22 22.80 E
Airport: 110 km
Antalya: 90 km
Kumluca: 15 km
Mavikent: 4 km
Olympos:18 km
Adrasan:10 km.

Transfer from airport, YTL180. - Up to 4 persons.

Some bus companies (Kamil Koc and Metro) can transfer you from Istanbul and Ankara(YTL65.-/YTL55.-) to Kumluca then we will take you from Kumluca for free.

Also we can transfer you to some nearly taxi, minibus and bus stop free of charge.


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